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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hindu Temples in Pakistan-Hinglaj Mandir

Hinglaj Mandir or Nani Mandir, Hingol National Park, Baluchistan

Hinglaj is one of the Hindu Temple and an important Hindu pilgrimage place in Balochistan, Pakistan and Kuldevi of Kshatriya Bhavsar Community.

A trip to the Terath (Pilgramage) of past gods. This sacred place of pilgrimage for Hindus specially the devotees of Aadh Shakti Devi Maata is situated in the mountain cave "HINGLAJ" on the river bank of "HINGHOL" at the tail of Kheerthar mountains called Kanraj in tehsil Lyari of Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is considered one of the famous and largest TEERATHS Pilgramage of Subcontinent

Hinglaj is situated in the Balotravelrainbow-Hinglaj-shaktipeeth, hindu templechistan province of Pakistan. It is near the peak of one of the mountains of the Makran range. It is approximately 120 km from the Indus River Delta and 20 km from the Arabian Sea. The area is extremely arid and the pilgrimage also called 'Nani ki Haj' by local Muslims takes place before summer. The pilgrimage starts at a place near the Hao river which is 10 km from Karachi.

Hinglaj has survived and is in fact revered by local Muslims who call it 'Nani ki Mandir'. Muslims offer red or saffron clothes, incense, candles and a sweet preparation called 'Sirini' to the deity[citation needed]. The Muslims protected sites like Hinglaj which are the last vestiges of the Hindu society which once straddled the area.

An important Shakti Peeth of Goddess Sati, Hinglaj Mandir or Nani Mandir is situated in Hingol National Park in Baluchistan province of Pakistan.

It came into existence when Lord Vishnu cut up Sati's dead body into 52 pieces so that Lord Shiva would calm down and stop his Tandava. These pieces got scattered all over the Indian subcontinent whilst Sati's head fell at Hingula or Hinglaj.

According to ancient scriptures, Lord Rama had also meditated at Hinglaj to atone for his sin of 'Brahmhatya' - killing of Ravana who was a Brahmin and a great devotee of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.

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