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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Museum Based on Hindu Scriptures & Legends-Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh- India

Hyderabad has developed into a major hub for the Information technology industry in India. It is the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Capital of the Country. The city is home to the world's largest film studio, the Ramoji Film City as well as the Telugu Film Industry, the second-largest in India, known popularly as Tollywood. Lthough it has various IT Hubs comming up it also houses some of the modern temples and is a major travel destinations India.

traveldestinationsindiaSURENDRAPURI, A place where one can visit and feel the experience of visiting 100's of temples all over India. It is Located on Yadagirigutta Road and just 2 KM before Yadagirigutta, Nalgonda Dist. Andhra Pradesh, India.

A 60-km drive away from hyderabad city, this museum at Surendrapuri near Yadagirigutta, Hyderabad has given a great opportunity to the devotees to get acquainted with the fascinating events of the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavata and other Puranas. All the important events are carved out in the form of eye-catching sculptures employing ultra-modern artistic techniques. That’s not all, this sprawling 18-acre set up also has famous replicas of all the important temples and gods such as Kaashi Viswanath, Kolkata Kali, Madhura Meenakshi, Tirumala Balaji, Shirdi Saibaba, Palani Kumara Swami and Ayodhya Rama.

A visitor can see models of all the important Hindu pilgrim centers like Gangotri, Kashi, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Amarnath, Tirupati etc.

There also models of the Sapta Lokas mentioned in the Puranas – Brahm Lok, Vishnu Lok, Shiva Lok, Naga Lok, Indra Lok, Yama Lok, Pathal etc.,

Another important exhibit is the paintings on the life of Lord Hanuman.

It is also known as "Kunda Stayanaranayana KalaDhamam". This is the place where you can find Panchamukha Hanuman Temple, where you can see one of the tallest idol of Hanuma. But currently it is became a main tourist attraction with A Mytholigical Awarness Centre calling as "Padmavyuham" which is started recently.

The 36-feet high sculptures depicting Lord Krishna, enlightening Arjuna with message of the Bhagavad gita, even as the the armies get ready for war at Kurukshetra, is simply spell binding. Also worth mentioning are the sculptures of Lord Vishnu along with his weapons and that of Goddess Lakshmi as she saves Gajendra from the clutches of the crocodile. Equally fascinating is the sculpture of Balakrishna who’s shown dancing on the the snake-king Kaliya.

You can see all the famous Pilgrim Centers models in a form of permanent construction at Surendra Puri, like Gangothri, Kashi, Badarinath, Kedarinath, Amarnath and Sapta Lokas Brahmlok, Vishnu Lok, Shiva Lok, Naga Lok, Indra Lok, Yama Lok, Pathal etc.,