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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fort Aguada Beach Goa, India


The Aguada Beach is located on the Aguada Bay in Goa, West India and is one of the two topographical projections that form this strikingly good-looking bay. Known for some of the luxury resorts that offer world-class facilities to you during your luxury beach travel to Goa, West India with Luxury Goa Travel Destination, the Aguada Beach is a popular holiday spot.

The pristine Aguada Beach In Goa, West India is a beachcomber's paradise. Walk past the narrow lanes that lead to the pretty Aguada beach and shop for feni and other local alcoholic beverages at the typical Goan taverns that offer you a peek into the colorful Goan lifestyle.
Aguada beach is almost synonymous with the top-notch Fort Aguada Hotel complex, a superb hotel that is built on the cliff, around the remnants of the early 17th century Portuguese fort. Although access to the beach is not possible through the hotel grounds, which are private, you can walk along Aguada beach, for in India private beaches do not exist. The hotel has been constructed in three parts, consisting of expensive cottages on the upper reaches of the hillside, the fort jutting out to sea, and a delightful Goan village, with individual cottages. Drawn by the clientele of the hotel, Aguada beach has cafes, itinerant vendors of everything from Kashmiri carpets to massages, and a good range of water sports.

The Fort of Aguada was built by the Portuguese to control the entry into River Mandovi and to protect old Goa from enemy attack. The fortification skirts the seashore. At the center is a circular lighthouse tower. The Fort presently houses the central jail.

traveldestinations_fort_aguada_Goa_IndiaLook for colorful shells on the Aguada beach and string them into a garland as a keepsake for the lovely time that you spend on this beautiful soft sandy paradise overlooking the deep seas. A great time to go on a luxury beach travel to Goa, West India would be during the winter months of December and January. Aguada Beach offers ample opportunity to those interested in a private rendezvous with nature.

Build sand castles, sunbathe and try out traditional Goan delicacies served at the luxury beach resorts on the Aguada beach located in Goa, West India. Though you can enjoy swimming at almost all the beaches at Goa, West India it is strongly recommended that you consult the readily available lifeguards and experts on the safety aspect.


Jitendra Bapna said...

aquada beach is one of the best place in goa.
Whenever i go to goa, i always go to this beach