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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Land Of Naga's-Nagaland, India

travel_destinations_nahgalandNagaland, one of the eight sister states of North east India and a beautiful travel destination  is famous for its exquisitely picturesque landscapes, the vibrantly colorful sunrise and sunset, lush and verdant flora and many more…A home to as many as sixteen tribes, the state has much to discover. The capital of Nagaland is Kohima and the largest city of the state is Dimapur. In this beautiful state people of almost 20 different dialects dwell happily together. Kohima is the home to the beautiful rocky Naga Hills. It has one of the most magnificent panoramic views. The travelers should make it a point to visit this capital city. Nagaland is a paradise for the lovers of nature. The adventurous land of Nagaland offers plentiful trekking opportunities.

One must visit the Khonoma the capital of Nagaland to see the village lifestyle of the people of Nagaland. This village has historical importance and its ecological propriety is also very rich. One can hear various fascinating stories of folklore here from the villagers. The Kohima village of Nagaland is considered one of the largest in Asia and the visitors of the village are greeted by a large gate at the entrance. In the Kohima village of Nagaland, the stones of different sizes and shapes can be seen, which are implanted within the compound or skulls of buffaloes and mithuns adorning the portico. From this, the glory of the great ancestors of them can be imagined.

Though the state capital of Nagaland is Kohima, the main hub of all the economic activities is Dimarpur. It possesses many markets and shopping hubs like the Hong Kong Market, which sell the most recent fashionable garments and that too at an affordable price. It is connected to major city centres of the north-east by a series of highways and road networks.


Situated at an altitude of 195 meters above sea-level is the gateway of Nagaland. This flourishing town is also the commercial centre of the State. Dimapur is the main rail-head in Nagaland. Dimapur is the only airport in Nagaland. Indian Airlines operates Boeing services from both Calcutta and Delhi on every alternate day.

Places Of Interest:
The Ruins of Medieval Kachari Kingdom, Ruzaphema- 5 kms, Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary- 37 kms, Sales Emporium.

Nagaland – Cuisine

Most of the Nagas are meat eaters and they enjoy dousing the meat with red chilly. Nagas preserve the meat by hanging up a slab in their house and letting the fire from the hearth. On the other hand, Tribal cuisine somehow vary from the common Naga cuisine. In truth, tribal cuisine is not always everyone’s cup of tea and it can be prepared only by tribes. Tribal eat steamed hornets, curried locusts and squirrel dish with sticky rice and washed down with rice beer. Take a drive from Dimapur to Kohima on National Highway 39 which is lined with Naga food stalls featuring local delicacies and mouth-watering pineapples.

Nagaland – Wildlife

travel_destinations_nagaland+_toursNagaland is home to only Itanki Wildlife Sanctuary but it is a wonderful treasure-trove of exotic wildlife. Itanki Wildlife Sanctuary is located 111 km away from Kohima and 37 km from Dimapur. In this sanctuary, you will see the Hoolock Baboon, the only gibbon found in India. Apart from gibbon, the sanctuary also has a sizeable population of elephant, tiger, mithun, sambhar, wild dog, sloth bear, barking deer, goral, flying squirrel, khaleej, hornbill, black stork etc. Sprawling over an area of 56 sq. kms, this wildlife sanctuary houses a forest resthouse and offers transport on hire.

Hotels In Nagaland

Most of the hotels in Nagaland are budget category ones. You may not find the glitz of city hotels. But tiny hotels with warm hospitality in close proximity to nature would complement for the lack of urban gloss and would offer you an otherworldly experience.

Hotel Japfu
Post Box No. 140, P.R. Hill,

Kohima    Hotel Pine

Hotel Capital
Near NST. Complex

Hotel Sharon
New Market


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