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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jillelguda Venkateshvara Temple - Hyderabad, AP- India

This temple has the history of 500 years,having amazing statues, now this temple is maintaing by Arkala BhupalReddy as chairman.

When I visited this Jillelguda Venkateshvara Temple, I saw that there was a tele-serial's shooting going on and all the junior artists were getting ready for the shoot in this age old temple.

There is also a chariot (old enough) that is used for God's procession all over the locality to have his blessings to the people who live in the vicinity of this location (Jillalguda, Meerpet, Bandlaguda, Almasguda etc..)

The history of this temple is unknown to people living here. I'd request the readers to know more about this temple and post as a comment. I'll post your valuable comments as a blog post with your name against it.


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