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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Travel Destinations Of 'Mangalore' India


Mangalore is an important port city located on the west coast of India in Karnataka, one of the major South Indian states. Mangalore has served as an important port in ancient India.

Tourism in Mangalore is an important contributor to the overall economy of the region, which is predominantly dependent on many large industries and port related occupations. Big shopping complexes, industrial estates and seafood processing units are the basis of Mangalore’s industrial development.

The beachtravelrainbow_manglore_beach.jpeges and the temples top the list of travel destinations in Mangalore. The beaches of Mangalore are wonderful travel destinations, offering contrasting experiences of peaceful relaxation as well as many fun activities, apart from a wide range of local food. Someshwara beach, Panambur beach, Mukka beach and Tannirbavi beach are the major beaches of Mangalore. The major travel destinations in Mangalore include famous temples like the Mangaladevi temple which has given this town its name, a lighthouse, and the Seemanthini Bai Bejai Museum, apart from some beautiful churches and mosques.

Yakshagana, the folk dance of Mangalore, is spectacular. Mangalore’s cultural heritage is adequately visible in the night-long dance and drama concert. Yakshagana is a chief attraction for tourists.

Goli Baje, Koli Baje, Mangalore Bajji or Maida Bajji. It is know by different names but the dish here is the same.It used to be my favorite when I was in Mangalore.

There are numerous small restaurants where one can gorge on cheap food as long as one likes South Indian food.One of the more famous Udupi-style restaurants is the Woodlands situated on Bunts Hostel Road which has preserved its old-world quaintness.

You can locate most of the options for accommodation in the various places of Mangalore like Attavar Road, Balmatta Junction, Bunts Hostel Road, KS Rao Road, Hampankatta, Ullal and Kankanady.

Whenever you are in Mangalore, you have to gorge on the famous Ice cream sold at Pabas. It is the pride of Mangalore. One of the Uncomparable ice cream parlors in India.

List of hotels in Manglore :

Hotel Taj Manjarun

Nalapad Residency

Hotel Pooja International

Hotel Woodlands

Hotel Mangalore International


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