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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Travel Destinations Of 'Nagpur' India


Nagpur city
in India is the second capital of the state of Maharashtra and is home to nearly 2.5 million people. Nagpur is known as the orange city because it is most famous for its large mandarin Nagpur oranges,the cultivation of which in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra has brought indispensable
glory to the region.

The Nagpur city is a major milestone for India because it is such a major industrial, commercial and transportation center. The city has numerous education institutions with an ample of job opportunities.

The Nagpur city has a rich history. During the princely rule of the Bhosles in central India, Nagpur was the capital of their mighty empire. Today also it enjoys the status of the second capital of Maharashtra.travelrainbow_hill

Nagpur lies right at the geographical centre of India along the River Nag, from which the city derives its name. The Marathi-majority Vidarbha region was merged with the state of Maharashtra in 1960, and Nagpur was awarded the status of second capital.

Travel destinations in Nagpur includes number of oldest and ancient temples, Shri Ganesh Tekdi Temple is one of them. This temple is most popular and famous in Nagpur. Looking it's popularity, the number of devotees are increasing day by day. The
atmosphere is very pleasing and pure beside the temple.

Tekdi Ganapati( The Elephant God) is quite ancient.Tekdi Ganapati because it is constructed on a hill and in Marathi Language a hill istravelrainbow_ramtektemple called as a Tekdi. It is believed to be approximately 250 years old.

Korigad Fort-The fort is a great place to explore on foot. The fort is located is Ambi valley, near Khandala and Lonavala and is 3050 feet above sea level. It sprawls sensuously by the hill-side and the forest.travelrainbow_fort_ent

Tiger’s Leap – As the name speaks this is yet another nature’s wonder found at Maharashtra. The beauty and the atmosphere are dream-like. If watched keenly it looks like a tiger leaping making it a brilliant and breath-taking view.

Bhaja Cave - The caves are famous for the dignified and stupendous caves and stupas 18 and 14 in number respectively.

Further ahead from Nagpur the fort and the temples of Ramtek are worth visiting. For those interested in knowing the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi visit to Sevagram where his personal things are displayed.

Other travel destinations in Nagpur city are : Ambazari Lake, Balaji Mandir at Seminary, Maharaj Baug and Zoo.

The spicy vegetarian as well as non - vegetarian food served in nagpur hotels are a delight,a special recipe of Chicken known as "Saoji Chicken" is one of the famous dishes which you will get exclusively in Nagpur city only. It is very spicy dish.

List of restaurants in Nagpur :

Arya Bhawan Sweets And Veg Restaurant : Wardha Road, Panchsheel Square Nagpur, Maharashtra 440 012

Haldiram's Abhinandan Restaurant : City Post Office Road, Itwari Nagpur, Maharashtra 440 002

Haldiram's Hot Shoppe12
: Anjuman Complex, Sadar Nagpur, Maharashtra 440 001

Nanking Chinese Restaurant : Residency Road, Sadar Nagpur, Maharashtra 440 001

Zero Mile Restaurant Bar And Bar Be Que
: Poonam Plaza, Palm Road, Civil Lines Nagpur, Maharashtra 440 001


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